About our tenancies

Our Devon flats and studios for adults with disabilities and complex needs are let to tenants on assured shorthold tenancy agreements, which are renewable at six-monthly intervals.

Like any tenancy agreement, our tenancies give tenants certain rights and responsibilities relating to their property. These rights include the right of the tenant to have control over their home, so that nobody can enter it unless the tenant wants them to.

Responsibilities include a duty to take proper care of their flat or studio apartment, to pay rent as agreed, reporting repairs and respecting neighbours.

It is our responsibility to maintain and repair the structure and exterior of the property, carry out cleaning of communal areas and provide services such as gardening and window cleaning. It is also our responsibility to ensure the safety of any gas and electrical appliances we supply are checked as appropriate and safe to use.

As private landlords experienced in working in the disability sector, we understand that some of our tenants may find it challenging to manage financial issues or prefer not to do so.

As a result, rents payable under our tenancies are fully inclusive of charges for utilities (gas, electric, water and waste). Tenants are responsible for certain other property-related costs, such as their television licence and insurance for the contents of their home.

Our properties are registered with the relevant local authority as houses in multiple occupation (HMO) and are fully compliant with the required HMO safety standards.

More information is available in our tenancy agreement, which can be downloaded here.

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